There is no need to install anything but Cookiecutter, when it’s done you can use any Cookiecutter templates directly from a repository (local, hosted on github, etc..):

pip install cookiecutter==1.1.0

It’s done.

Created projects requirements


If you allready have installed Epaster, don’t worry about this part.

Although the template itself don’t need anything but Cookiecutter, a project created with this template will requires some libraries to build it and use it:

  • virtualenv;
  • Python development library (commonly known as python-devel);
  • libjpeg;
  • zlib;
  • libfreetype;

The method to install them depends on your plateform :

  • On Linux systems you will install them with your package system like apt-get, see Pillow documentation for Linux;
  • On MacOSX, the recommended way is to use brew utility, see Pillow documentation for OSX;
  • Windows system is not supported, you probably can install needed stuff but with some works on your own;

Also if you need to use a PostgreSQL database instead of the default sqlite3 database, you will need a library to build psycopg2, this library is called libpq.


All created projects are shipped with a README file that contain all necessary details to build it and use it. This will be a simplified procedure with a Makefile command to launch the buildout process.