Porting to Django 1.7 history

This document relates all steps done to move this cookiecutter template from 0.8.2 (Django==1.6) to 0.9.0 (Django==1.7).

Version 0.9.0 Pre-release 7 - 2015/12/13

  • Upgraded to django-registration==1.2 and enable it;
  • Refurbished project.accounts so it’s compatible with django-registration==1.2 and cleaner;
  • Enable again the accounts mod;
  • This is the last pre release since all components have been proudly ported to Django>=1.7;

Version 0.9.0 Pre-release 6 - 2015/12/11

  • Don’t use our djangocms-snippet fork anymore, instead use the legacy egg in last version 1.7.1;
  • Upgraded to django-import-export==0.4.0 and enable it;
  • Upgraded to django-recaptcha==1.0.4 and enable it;
  • Upgraded to emencia.django.countries==0.2.2 and enable it;
  • Enable again the contact_form mod;
  • Now use new system ‘NoCaptcha ReCaptcha’ in recaptcha mod;
  • Add deprecation message in socialaggregator mod;
  • Fixed cms mod: changed middleware path from django.middleware.doc.XViewMiddleware to django.contrib.admindocs.middleware.XViewMiddleware to avoid deprecation warning;

Version 0.9.0 Pre-release 5 - 2015/11/29

  • Enabled djangocms-snippet since it has been correctly ported to django==1.7.x. Note that the port result in incompatible migrations and models states with our previous fork snippet;

Version 0.9.0 Pre-release 4 - 2015/11/28

  • Upgraded to django==1.7.11 for last security release;
  • Upgraded to emencia-django-slideshows==1.0.0 and enable its mod;
  • Added cmsplugin-slideshows==0.1.0;

Version 0.9.0 Pre-release 3 - 2015/11/08

  • Enabled again cmsplugin-porticus with Django 1.7 support;
  • Upgraded to cmsplugin-porticus==0.3 and enable it;
  • Upgraded to django-cms==3.1.3;

Version 0.9.0 Pre-release 2 - 2015/11/08

  • Upgraded to porticus==1.0.1 and enable its mod;
  • Upgraded to django-filebrowser-no-grappelli==3.5.8;

Version 0.9.0 Pre-release 1 - 2015/11/01

This started with version 0.8.2 (well in fact some commits ahead this version, but strictly just before the first pre-release).

From this pre-release: the buildout project install, Django run, CMS and Zinnia works. Still have all disabled apps to return to life.

  • Disabled many eggs and mods, just keeping DjangoCMS base stuff and knowed apps as compatible >= 1.7;
  • Makefile changes:
    • Added django-instance createsuperuser at the end of install action since syncdb is deprecated and migrations won’t prompt for this;
  • Buildout changes:
    • Removed south egg;
    • Disabled eggs porticus, emencia-django-slideshows, emencia-django-socialaggregator and their dependancy egg versions;
    • Disabled fixed version for egg djangocms-text-ckeditor, djangocms-snippet, django-tagging, django-contrib-comments;
    • Upgraded egg django to 1.7.10;
    • Upgraded egg djangorecipe to 2.1.1;
    • Upgraded egg django-cms to 3.1.2;
    • Upgraded egg psycopg2 to 2.5.5;
    • Upgraded egg django-blog-zinnia to 0.15.2;
    • Upgraded egg cmsplugin-zinnia to 0.8;
  • Settings changes:
    • Disabled our djangocms-snippet fork, using legacy apps until our own has evolved for compatibility;
    • Added MIGRATION_MODULES, to ensure migrations (South/Django) compatibility with some apps;
    • Added BASE_DIR a new common setting for Django;
    • Removed STATICFILES_FINDERS and TEMPLATE_LOADERS because default Django value is the same we used and no mod seems requiring them;
    • Always enable django.middleware.locale.LocaleMiddleware (seems required from Django CMS);
  • Urls.py changes:
    • Removed admin.autodiscover() because now Django admin is allready enabled by default;
  • Updated wsgi.py (almost the same, mostly for comments);
  • Fixed default zinnia templates to load tag library zinnia instead of old name zinnia_tags;