Versions come from git tags.

Version 1.7.0 - 2017/02/12

  • Fixed new pep error E305;
  • Excluded migrations folder from Flake8 check;
  • Use same SSL certification folder on dev host;
  • Added Fabric script for install/deploy production version;
  • Added project CHANGELOG file and build first release number with jinja2-time;
  • Use a .flake8 file for Flake8 settings
  • Fixed bug in generated project __init__.py file that was causing trailing whitespace;
  • Fixed cookieconsent template to use only simple quote ' to surround variable strings, close #75;
  • Remove Sphinx from requirement in development.cfg, close #76;
  • Added new setting ENABLE_STATICPAGES to enable staticpages ressources, default is true excepted for production, close #77;
  • Upgraded to django-datadownloader==0.2.3, close #78;
  • Removed forgotten royalslider images, close #79;
  • Change every occurrences of transition path {% load static from staticfiles %} to the recent one {% load static %}, close #80;
  • Dropped yuicompressor usage in profit of rCSSmin filter, close #81 and close #56;
  • Relaxed six and pyparsing, close #84;
  • Upgraded to crispy-forms-foundation==0.5.5;
  • Removed unused pages/3_cols.html template and updated CMS settings to enable page template pages/free.html;

Version 1.6.0 - 2016/12/17

  • Now require cookiecutter==1.4.0 (although for now this should not break for >=1.1.0,<1.4.0);
  • Fixed typo on secret_key template part in cookiecutter.json, close #73;
  • Updated project Readme;
  • Updated install documentation about required devel libraries;
  • Upgraded to django==1.8.17;

Version 1.5.0 - 2016/11/29

  • Added files to use Continuous Integration (CI) with Jenkins/Fabric;
  • Cleaned code with flake8 and add a rule to run flake8 into Makefile;
  • Added django-datadownloader;
  • Added initial migration for project.contact_form;
  • Upgraded to django==1.8.16, close #72;

Version 1.4.4 - 2016/10/06

  • Upgraded to django==1.8.15, close #68;
  • Fixed icomoon mod settings for sass dir new path, close #69;
  • Upgraded to django-debug-toolbar==1.5 to fix a bug with sqlquery panel, close #70
  • Added makefile action livehtml for sphinx-autobuild usage (have to install it before, not in dependancies);
  • Added new settings MARKETINGTAGS_ENABLED (default value depend on DEBUG setting) to determine marketing tags display from skeleton.html. Also added an additional context processor to expose this setting to default template context, close #71;

Version 1.4.3 - 2016/09/24

  • Fix minor typo on CookieConsent message quotes, close #66;
  • Disabled PO-Projects-client egg and buildout part again since nap is breaked, close #67;
  • Upgraded to django-assets==0.12;

Version 1.4.2 - 2016/09/04

  • Removed emencia-cookie-law in profit of a Javascript library Cookie Consent which works better with webapp caches;
  • Fixed js/jquery/button-dropdown-trick.js which contained unecessary Foundation init;

Version 1.4.1 - 2016/08/20

  • Fixed cookiecutter.json so the settings files are rendered correctly with Jinja variable from cookiecutter during project generation, close #64;

Version 1.4.0 - 2016/08/05

  • Upgraded to django==1.8.14, close #63;
  • Upgraded to django-google-tools==1.1.0, close #60;
  • Enable mptt through Zinnia settings, so we can use recursetree tag in categorie_tree.html zinnia template, close #57;
  • Restore PO-Projects-client installation, close #62;
  • Add some Javascript code in app.js to implement clickable slider from emencia-django-slideshows, close #58;
  • Added a template pagination.html for paginate object with generic class based view ViewList;

Version 1.3.0 - 2016/06/12

  • Added usage of googleclosure for Javascript minification instead of yuicompressor (caused many issues with recent scripts because yui is not maintained anymore against recent Ecmascript versions). Related to issue #50;

    • closure is installed through a Python meta package alike yuicompressor;
    • yuicompressor is still used for CSS minification until we find something as stable;
    • Added Makefile action delminifiedassets to clean previous minified files from leading assets bundles;
  • Added a note about Ckeditor configurable sanitizer in its mod settings. Related to issue #46;

Version 1.2.2 - 2016/05/29

  • Freezed to djangocms-text-ckeditor==2.9.3, close #55;
  • Upgraded to porticus==1.1.0, close #54;
  • Upgraded to cmsplugin-porticus==0.4.1, close #54;
  • Upgraded to cmsplugin-zinnia==0.8.1, close #53;
  • Added “CurrentMediaQuery” plugin and enable it only when Django debug mode is on;

Version 1.2.1 - 2016/05/17

  • Dropped assets (Javascript, SASS and CSS) for RoyalSlider, Masonry and MMenu since they are not really used anymore;
  • Changed sass/scss/addons/_type.scss to override Foundation types for titles instead of using extend;
  • Close #48:
    • Cleaning js/app.js: removed unused code, moved sample plugins code to their own file within js/jquery/;
    • Fix broken Ckeditor within cms text plugin introduced since Image-swapper plugin has been moved to its own file (js/jquery/jquery.image-swapper.js);

Version 1.2.0 - 2016/05/02

Move to full libsass support but stay compatible with “Compass 1.x”.

This is related to issue #43

  • Moved compass directory to sass directory with a new structure;

    • Divided addons files;
    • Added Bourbon 4.2.6;
    • Foundation5 SASS sources now lives in sass directory;
    • Keep a config file for Compass support;
  • Removed Foundation5 sources directory, now we only ship SASS and Javascripts sources in their respective location;

  • Updated Makefile action syncf5 to synchronize SASS sources to the sass directory;

  • flags stylesheet is not supported for now because it stand Compass sprites;

  • admin_styles stylesheet is not supported for now;

  • Updated documentation;

  • Dropped admin_tools mod that is not supported anymore;

  • Fixed a bug with a wrong import path for icomoon fonts;

  • Upgrade to django-icomoon 0.4.0, close #47;

Version 1.1.1 - 2016/05/02

  • Add option to use https within nginx conf;

Version 1.1.0 - 2016/04/19

  • Upgraded to django==1.8.12;
  • Upgraded to django-icomoon==0.4.0;
  • Upgraded to django-xiti==0.1.1;

Version 1.0.0 - 2016/03/19

  • Upgraded dependencies versions for upgrade to Django==1.8;

    • django==1.8.11;
    • psycopg2==2.6.1;
    • Pillow==3.1.1;
    • django-mptt==0.7.4;
    • django-cms==3.2.3;
    • django-registration-redux==1.4;
    • djangocms-admin-style==1.1.0;
    • django-admin-tools==0.7.2;
    • django-filebrowser-no-grappelli==3.6.1;
    • django-assets==0.11;
    • django-recaptcha==1.0.5;
    • django-debug-toolbar==1.4;
    • django-extensions==1.6.1;
    • django-filer==1.1.1;
    • cmsplugin-filer==1.0.1;
    • django-icomoon==0.3.1;
    • django-sendfile==0.3.10;
    • easy-thumbnails==1.5;
    • django-contrib-comments==1.6.2;
    • django-blog-zinnia==0.16;
    • django-tagging==0.4.1;
    • django-taggit==0.18.0;
    • sorl-thumbnail==12.2;
  • Removed all occurences to socialaggregator that is not supported anymore;

  • Updated project settings and mods settings to use the new TEMPLATE setting that contain all template backends settings;

  • Added empty TEXT_ADDITIONAL_ATTRIBUTES setting for ckeditor;

  • Some minor changes and cleaning in mods settings;

  • Added mod for autobreadcrumbs;

  • Updated djangocms_admin_style Sass and CSS stylesheets to the app version 1.1.0;

  • Patched them for Filebrowser and also for a bug regression with libsass 3.3.3;

  • Although these Sass stylesheets are in compass directory, they can only be compiled with libsass;

  • Upgraded to django-crispy-forms==1.6.0 to remove some warnings from django checks;

Version 0.9.3 - 2015/12/19

  • Upgraded to django-cms==3.1.4;
  • Upgraded to django-admin-shortcuts==1.2.6;
  • Upgraded to djangocms-admin-style==0.2.8;
  • Updated djangocms-admin-style SCSS source and recompile them again, it should definitively close issue #39;
  • Removed compass/Gemfile because it cause too many issues when switching between rvm gemset (like to compile the main scss then the admin one);

Version 0.9.2 - 2015/12/17

Upgrade to buildout 2.5.0 and dependancies:

  • Removed bootstrap.py, now we just install buildout throught pip;
  • Upgraded to setuptools>=19.1;
  • Upgraded to pip>=7.1.2;
  • Upgraded to buildout==2.5.0, close #41;
  • Upgraded to zc.recipe.egg==2.0.3;
  • Upgraded to buildout.recipe.uwsgi==0.1.1;
  • Upgraded to collective.recipe.cmd==0.11;
  • Upgraded to collective.recipe.template==1.13;
  • Upgraded to djangorecipe==2.1.2;
  • Updated Makefile install action for theses changes;
  • Updated [uwsgi] buildout part since buildout.recipe.uwsgi==0.1.1 deprecate option prefix xml- in profit of config-;
  • Added pip-selfcheck.json, gestus.cfg and po_projects.cfg to Makefile clean action;

For now we are relaxing again setuptools and pip to a knowed working version or better. We may fix a version again in future if we encounter some bug.

Version 0.9.1 - 2015/12/13

  • Added Javascript library jquery-smartresize for Debounced and Throttled Resize Events for jQuery. Not enabled by default. This close #42;

Version 0.9.0 - 2015/12/13

Goal of this version was to port structure, code and components to Django==1.7.

Many Django apps have been upgraded and some mods settings have been updated.

There is too much changes to write them all here, see the dedicated document Porting to Django 1.7 history for full details.

Version 0.8.2 - 2015/10/30

  • Fixed usage of template context variable for DEBUG setting, seems it’s not exposed in context as uppercase since a long time (if even been), it’s lowercase now;
  • Fixed Ckeditor custom styles.js not loaded from mod, close #35;
  • Use staticfiles template tag instead of STATIC_URL in our shipped templates, close #36;
  • Fixed wrong gitignore that caused uncommited foundation5 sources when pushing created new projects to their repository (will need to watch for this gignore changes when eventually update foundation sources from last their version), close #38;
  • Updated to emencia-cookie-law==0.2.3;
  • Added django-xiti==0.1.0 structure (template, mod, etc..) but not installed or enabled on defaut install;

Version 0.8.1 - 2015/10/22

  • Fixed missing __init__.py in project/utils/templatetags, close #34;
  • Update to zinnia-wysiwyg-ckeditor==1.2 to get rid of django-ckeditor-updated dependancy and now stands only on django-ckeditor. Note that we don’t go to zinnia-wysiwyg-ckeditor==1.3 because it depends on django-ckeditor=5.x that we didn’t audit yet;

Version 0.8.0 - 2015/10/18

  • Updated Foundation to 5.5.3 version, this require now Compass 1.x install to compile, close #22;
  • Updated Makefile for some Foundation install strategy changes;
  • Updated SCSS to fit to Foundation changes;
  • Updated to django-icomoon==0.3.0;
  • Updated documentation for new methodology with webfont since django-icomoon usage;

Version 0.7.6 - 2015/10/01

  • Added and enabled mod for emencia-cookie-law, close #32;
  • Added and enabled mod for django-icomoon, close #31;
  • Updated documentation, close #33
  • Fixed django-crispy-forms mod settings for last release, updated to crispy-forms-foundation==0.5.3, #29;
  • Added reload action to the Makefile, to restart the uwsgi instance on integration or production environment;

Version 0.7.3 - 2015/08/31

  • Updated docs to add tips about RVM Gemsets;
  • Fixed django-reversion==1.8.7 for issue #27;
  • Fixed sitemap mod urls.py, close #28;

Version 0.7.2 - 2015/06/13

  • Added some cleaning when using ‘make assets’ command;
  • Updated some scss, Enabled default icomoon webfont;
  • Updated some docs;

Version 0.7.1 - 2015/06/06

  • Fix some included html templates to use <h1> instead of <h2>, although Django apps templates probably all use <h2> again, so we will need to override them;

Version 0.7.0 - 2015/06/06

  • Use fonts_dir setting in compass config, close #13
  • Use lazy protocole prefix to load googlefont, close #12;
  • Remove <h1> usage in topbar for a better semantic (<h1> should not be identical to <title>), WARNING: now all cms page must define their own h1, also other app template have to define the right h1;
  • Get back our CMS snippet plugin, temporary using our fork as a develop source, close #19;
  • Upgrade django-admin-style to 0.2.7, close #18;
  • Fix to djangocms_text_ckeditor==2.4.3, close #16;
  • Include Slick.js, close #17;
  • Remove Foundation Orbit usage because it is deprecated and Slick.js works better;
  • project/assets.py is now processed by cookiecutter+Jinja so we can disable assets from user choices like for socialaggregator Javascript library;
  • Reorganize SCSS sources:
    • components/ directory is for page parts or specific Django apps layout;
    • vendor/ directory contains all SCSS for included library (like mmenu, royalslider, etc..);
    • utils/ directory contains all utils stuff like mixins, basic addons, Foundation patches, etc..;
    • Added Flexbox support;
  • Remove interchange template for slideshows;
  • Cleaning app.js since Orbit is not used anymore;

Version 0.6.6 - 2015/05/16

  • Enforce django-tagging==0.3.4 (to avoid a bug with django<=1.7);
  • Review and update assets.py, close #10;
  • Some assets cleanup, close #9;
    • Added missing default images for Royal Slider;
    • Removed Foundation3 Javascript stuff;
    • Cleaning main frontend script app.js;
    • Added MegaMenu stuff;
  • Big update on contact_form app:
    • Fix print message on template;
    • Reorganise admin view;
    • Use django-import-export for exporting contact datas;
    • Don’t print captcha on form when settings.DEBUG is True;

Version 0.6.5 - 2015/05/03

  • Cleaning documentations;
  • Restored doc stuff to automatically build mod documentations;
  • Updated to django-cms==3.0.13;
  • Enforce django-contrib-comments==1.5.0 (to avoid a bug with django<=1.7);
  • Integrated django-logentry-admin as a default enabled mod, close #8;
  • Fixed doc config to get the right version number from git tags;

Version 0.6.1 - 2015/04/20

  • Added cookiecutter context in project/__init__.py file;

Version 0.6.0 - 2015/04/19

  • Better documentation;

Version 0.5.0 - 2015/04/17

  • Enabled cms translation and some settings from cookiecutter context, close #4;

Version 0.4.0 - 2015/04/16

  • Removed unused variables in cookiecutter.json;
  • Changed ignored files from jinja to target some files to use as templates;
  • Changed template for skeleton.html to remove occurences to not enabled apps;
  • Added cookiecutter context usage to remove unused sitemap parts, close #5;
  • Changed buildout.cfg to be more flexible without some enabled apps;

Version 0.3.0 - 2015/04/15

  • Added Git repo initialization in the post generation hook;
  • Added a message at the end of the post generation hook to display some help;
  • Changed some variables from cookiecutter.json for repository infos;

Version 0.2.0 - 2015/04/13

  • Added post generation hook to enable mods after install;
  • Use cookiecutter context to remove eggs in buildout.cfg egg list;

Version 0.1.0 - 2015/04/12

  • First version started from emencia_paste_djangocms_3 structure version 1.4.0;
  • Not ready to be used yet, it misses some things for now;